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    I met an awesome woman a couple months back who mentioned she had boxes of old Levi’s to donate collecting dust in her garage. Turns out the old Levi’s were not just jeans.. They were vintage Levi’s swatches that she had picked up 20 years prior at a church salvage sale from a former levis rep. Today I am on inventory duty. Lots of sturdy railroad fabric all made in USA #whatsoldisnew #levis

    So awesome! I have a great personalized Outlive The Bastards pouch made out of vintage railroad fabric Levi’s

    Totally unique and I love knowing it was hand-crafted. 

    Check out more of her stuff here: http://www.outlivethebastards.com/

  5. Just bought a fancy toaster as a part of this whole cohabitation thing. Wish it was a fancy as this one! Baby steps…

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  6. Sunday blooms

  7. Easter Sunday

  12. Sneakers = Spring purchase

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  13. Lovely Water - Cian McKenna

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  14. Spring has sprung!

    Spring Sunrise [Explored] by mhitchner1 on Flickr.

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  15. Helen Torr

    'Doves Amongst Flowers'

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