2. sand and wine - adult beachside ball jar beverages

  3. Bedroom window view this morning. Something I could get used to…

  4. rootslikeanelm:

    Trinity Cricket Club, 1880-1881.

    With all that is going on with my alma mater it’s nice to have something to celebrate.  This new tumblr has some great photos celebrating the school’s long history.

  5. Excited for the first Hampton’s trip of 2013. Jitney here we come!

  6. SO excited to see this lovely, inspiring lady talk about her life of collecting on Wednesday!

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  7. So happy these days…


  9. I realized I haven’t shared a playlist since January.

    So here you go!

    May Daze - a mix of mostly new and some old favorites. If you decide to follow, expect it to be frequently updated as the month goes on…

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  10. jill devries, new fave

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